Wedding Celebration Cakes

We believe that wedding cakes should not only look beautiful, but taste amazing. That’s why we use only the finest ingredients and classic Stubbe family recipes to create all our cakes. Below you will find examples of cake decor we have created in the past. For flavour options visit our cake page to see what we offer.

Explore, get inspired, and then contact us for more details about how we can bring your vision to life, and create a wedding cake that will be remembered at many anniversaries to come.

Marzipan Pear Cake

Embellished with marzipan pears and small purple pansies this four-tier cake has a fresh feel. Marzipan can be used to create a wide range of decor for your cake and adds wonderful flavour.

Silhouette Cake

This wimsical creation told the story of one couple’s journey. Three douple layer tiers, decorated with modeling chocolate and marzipan.

Green Meadow

This three-tier cake is covered in green moulding chocolate with an iridescent gold shimmer. Sprinkled with small white pansies this cake has a wonderful spring quality.

Smash Cake

A smash cake is made up of chocolate box layers stacked on top of each other. Decorated with geometric patterns & fresh flowers this cake is smashed open and shared with your guests.You have the option to fill this hollow cake.

Chocolate Flower Cake

Simple three tiered cake with a white chocolate curtain. Decorated with solid chocolate flowers.

Fresh Berries & Hearts

Edged with dark moulding chocolate, each of the three layers is topped with fresh berries. The cake topper is made of three-dimensional white chocolate hearts.

Pink Pop in White

A three tier cake covered in white moulding chocolate. The flowers are hand-made as is the monogram. Both the monogram design and pink flower pattern tie in with the overall wedding theme.

White Pansies

A three tear cake covered in white moulding chocolate, embellished with white pansies and mint-green leaves on green vines. This cake can be decorated in any colour combination.

Art Deco

Embellished with art deco designs, this cake is topped with marzipan flowers to add an organic element to the hand-piped geometric patterns.

The Monogram

This elegant four-tier wedding cake is embellished with the couple’s initials (ND) around each layer of cake. Blue dots and a ribbon at the base have been incorporated to match the wedding theme.

Canoe Couple

A simple two tier wedding cake topped with a chocolate canoe made out of modeling chocolate.


Covered in white moulding chocolate and inspired by traditional paisley patterns, this elegant black on white wedding cake is decorated on the front and back.