This assortment includes a variety of dark, milk, and white chocolate truffles and bonbons. 

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Tracey Rosato on 20th Dec 2020

I must say these are the most amazing chocolates I have tasted. I used to work in a gift shop that sold chocolates so I have tasted several companies. These are exquisite! Thank you! Merry Christmas


Mary Pugh on 3rd Dec 2020

They're very pretty and the colours are well-chosen. They're rich and flavourful. The mint has a very nice mint flavour which isn't overpowering but is present through the entire chocolate.


K on 2nd Sep 2020

Bought a classic truffles & bonbons box as a gift. Great presentation and lucky me the birthday gal shared some with me. Delicious as usual!


Kim on 6th Aug 2020

The chocolates were delightful!

your chocolate

shelley brook on 25th Jun 2020

I love your sponge toffee, bon bons and your marzipan. Your gift bottles make lovely gifts. I am very much enjoying your product and have bought several gifts recently (and a few for myself). I don't dare buy any more sponge toffee because they disappeared much too fast!


Andrew Beaton on 9th Jun 2020

Excellent as always


ofer geva on 30th May 2020



Marly Atkins on 15th May 2020

I have been buying your chocolates for year, they are my go to for all occasions