Almond chocolate cake, soaked in Cointreau with a layer of orange marzipan and a layer of chocolate ganache, covered in dark chocolate mirror glaze.

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Fantastic Cake

Mary Scarfo on 15th Feb 2021

I ordered this as a birthday cake and it was beautifully decorated and so delicious - it melts in your mouth. The combination of chocolate and Cointreau are perfectly balanced.

Cointreau Cake

Bryan on 6th Feb 2021

Decent cake but slightly a little bit sweet.

Cointreau Torte

Anna P. on 2nd Feb 2021

This cake is simply amazing!!! Rich, but not overly sweet, and just so decadent! I'm not a huge fan of cakes but this torte is one of the best I've tasted! And all of our guests loved it! Thank you Stubbe Team! You never disappoint.

Cointreau Torte

Ruth Ferguson on 25th Jan 2021

A birthday cake to celebrate my husband's 60th. Velvety texture, very fresh, with the right balance of rich chocolate and hint of tangy orange.. I could've eaten the whole thing myself, it was that good!!!

Rich and Velvety

Paul on 23rd Jan 2021

This cake was incredible...decadent, rich and wonderful citrus and orange undertones.

Cointreau Torte Cake

Alvita Meinert on 30th Nov 2020

If I was to describe this cake in one word it would be OUTSTANDING! There are no words to describe how moist and decadent this cake truly is. We bought it online for my brother's birthday and it was ready in two days for pickup with our personal inscription. The marriage of orange and dark chocolate create a wonderful taste sensation that's indescribable. We will certainly order this cake again. Thanks again and well done Stubbe!

Cointreau torte

Christopher D Green on 22nd Oct 2020

All Stubbe cakes are good, but this is a particular favourite of ours. Sweet and tart.

Cointreau Cake..

Istvan Jacso on 8th May 2020

Loved it.