This assortment includes a variety of only dark chocolate truffles with a combination of alcohol and non-alcohol flavours. A perfect gift for mailing

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Truffles good buy

Christopher McLeod on 15th Oct 2020

I suppose there are better chocolates out there but I haven't found them yet. Expensive yes but guaranteed gastronomic experience.

Dark Truffle Indulgence - Sublime

Hugh Couchman on 16th Sep 2020

Stubbe has the best chocolates in Toronto (IMHO) and these are the very tastiest in the store!

Excellent gift, wonderful indulgence!

Laura on 9th Aug 2020

I would recommend these chocolates to anyone looking for an indulgence, or as a gift to someone!

Dark Truffles

Charles Rowland on 20th Jul 2020

I gift these to a friend, who has told me that when he dies, he would like to be laid out upon a hillock of Stubbe truffles, so that when he eventually returns to the earth, his essence will have been infused with his favourite chocolates. I really can't add to that, except to say his enthusiasm is well justified. Thanks, Chef.

Dark Chocolate Truffles

Nancy Freeman on 22nd Jun 2020

Delicious, decadent dark chocolate treat. Thanks Stubbe!

Dark chocolate indulgence

Linda Foster on 20th Jun 2020

High quality. Great gift.

Dark chocolate truffles

Nima Zobeiry on 17th May 2020

We really enjoyed these truffles. High quality, fresh and good selection of flavours.

Dark Truffle Indulgence

Michael Kurts on 15th May 2020

We've been buying Stubbe chocolates for years. We love coming into the store! Best chocolates in Toronto by far. The dark truffles we just got were delicious! Will definitely be back.