Roasted almonds and pistachios, caramelized with chopped cherries sitting on a dark chocolate wafer.

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Mini Florentines

Petra Schiffmann on 28th Dec 2020

Delicious and highest quality.

chocolate plaques

Serena Dessen on 12th Dec 2020

I've been giving these instead of birthday and holiday cards for the last few years. No waste, no recycling and delicious. What could be nicer?


Serena Dessen on 12th Dec 2020

I give them as gifts. And as always, my friends are over the moon with joy to receive them so thank you.

Mini Florentines

Petra Schiffmann on 10th Oct 2020

Perfect size, delicious treat. Outstanding quality.

Mini florentines

Catherine Bruce on 19th Sep 2020

Little circles of perfection! Perfect to give on there own or partner with something else. Or just treat yourself.

mini florentines

Rosemary Meier on 3rd Aug 2020

always received with delight,on the plate and as a gift


Serena Dessen on 30th Jul 2020

It's the perfect small gift when you just want to give someone a treat.

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Serena Dessen on 13th Jun 2020

One of my go-tos if I want to do something nice for someone. The people I ordered your truffle cake for raved about it. The mini Florentines are always delicious and a success. I usually get several truffles for myself. I miss the wonderful chocolate smell when I went inside your store.