Candied orange peel covered in dark chocolate. *This is a vegan product
**currently only available in 90gr bags

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Orange Peel

Petra Schiffmann on 28th Dec 2020

Very fine product. delicious and of best quality.

Arms and legs in orange peels

lesley simpson on 3rd Dec 2020

If an orange peel could grow arms or legs and go for a swim in a vat of dark chocolate... well this is what you would get! An elegant merger between the bitter peel and the dark chocolate and elegant enough for dessert with some--you guessed it--fresh oranges!

Chocolate covered orange rind

Jill Magen Lichtblau on 15th Aug 2020

A dream come true The bitter sweetness of candied orange rind dipped in delicious Stubbe chocolate.

Orange Peel Heaven

Kate on 21st Jun 2020

Love these bites of dark chocolate and orange peel, so delicious. Wishing they would bring back the lemon peel ones too, they were superb.