Learn more about Verliebt and Verspielt chocolate

“Creating these chocolates was a labour of love and one that I’m incredibly excited to share. It is an expression of my love for chocolate. Verliebt is a dark chocolate that constantly evolves and builds on the palate. Each experience with it is slightly different and exciting. Meanwhile Verspielt is a rich, deep and memorable milk chocolate that playfully elevates the traditional milk chocolate taste with a higher cacao content.”  

              - Chef Daniel Stubbe



“Verliebt is German for ‘in love’, while Verspielt means ‘playful’. I chose the name Verliebt for my dark chocolate, because I loved how the flavours stay with you, I believe that we must never take chocolate too seriously, which is where the inspiration for the name Verspielt came from. My milk chocolate delivers an elevated and fun flavour profile.” Chef Stubbe explains.




Verliebt is a 70% cocoa dark chocolate. Daniel choose to blend Mexican and Tanzanian single origin cocoa beans to create this chocolate. Cocoa beans from Mexico are known for their subtle balance between sweet and bitter, with complex spicy and woody notes. Tanzania coca beans are grown in the world-renowned region around Lake Malawi and are known for the aromatic Criollo and Trinitario cacao varieties. Combining these two flavour profiles has created a complex chocolate with notes of red berry followed by hints of roasted coffee, it finishes with a strong taste and light acidity.

Verspielt is Chef Stubbe’s signature milk chocolate and has a 41% cocoa content. It contains beans from Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire. The Cote D’Ivoire cocoa bean gives Verspielt its intense chocolate cocoa flavour and light fruity tasting notes. The Ghanaian beans add another level of complexity to the milk chocolate with hints of sweet chestnut and caramel notes.



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